Almost all treatment for shoulder problems is focused on the rotator cuff. The missing link, however, in many cases is an underlying postural imbalance that if ignored often leads to chronic shoulder problems.

In this video I’ll share my two favourite exercises for correcting this postural imbalance.

The postural imbalance I’m referring to, is internal rotation of the shoulder or “forward, rounded and hunched shoulders”.

Unfortunately this postural problem is incredibly common these days because the increase in desk work, sitting and use of mobile phones.

The good news is, however, that the postural problem can be corrected with these exercises and when it is, shoulder problems often dramatically reduce or disappear.

Focusing on stretching the anterior chest (pec muscles) and improving your upper back strength (rhomboids/traps) can have a huge impact on your shoulder pain.

If you’ve tried these exercises and you’re still having problems or if you want some more 1:1 support with your shoulder, I’d love to help. You can schedule an apt by calling the office on 84319100.

Until next times, stay well. See you soon.

Liv 💚

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