3 Easy Steps to Avoid the Dreaded 3pm Slump

It’s mid afternoon, the yawns are setting in and coffee isn’t helping!  Sound familiar?  Well I’ve put together a 3 step process to help you avoid the well recognised and often frustrating “3pm slump”.

3 Easy Steps to Avoid the Dreaded 3pm SlumpStep 1. Work out if you’re actually hungry (and if not, manage the real problem).

Tiredness and boredom can hit around mid-afternoon, and both can result in hitting the snacks. When we’re tired, food seems alluring as an energy source, however it is often a band-aid solution when what we actually need is a good night’s sleep and some rest to revive ourselves! 

3 Easy Steps to Avoid the Dreaded 3pm SlumpBoredom can also make food very alluring, but there are lots of other ways to change things up- try changing your environment, going for a walk to get some fresh air or engaging in a creative activity for a short period.

Are you actually hungry? Well, follow below…

3 Steps to Avoid the 3pm SlumpStep 2. Work out why you’re hungry:

  • Was your lunch meal not balanced enough? Meals should provide an array of foods from the different food groups. Make sure your lunch contains sources of protein (e.g. meat, eggs, beans, nuts) and fibre (e.g. whole grains, vegetables, fruit)
  • Are your carbohydrate choices sustaining enough? Going for lower GI, less processed carb choices can help. Examples include wholegrain bread, beans & lentils, long-grain rice and quinoa
  • Did you eat enough in the day? For some, skipping meals or eating lightly earlier on in the day can result in serious hunger and cravings in the afternoon
  • Have you been fairly active lately? Sometimes using more energy throughout the day calls for more regular eating, so snacks can be helpful here

3 Easy Steps to Avoid the Dreaded 3pm SlumpStep 3. Choose healthy snacks to keep you going. Some examples are:

  • Vegetable sticks dipped in hummus
  • A handful of mixed nuts & seeds
  • Wholegrain crackers with cheese
  • Low-fat yoghurt with fruit
  • A single serve packet of roasted fava beans or chickpeas
  • A tin of tuna or salmon

By following these simple steps you should be able to banish the dreaded 3pm slump and finish your work day feeling full of energy ready to take on the after work chaos at home.  If however, the fatigue persists and you would like some help to work out what part your diet is playing in this, then please reach out as I’d love to help.  Just give us a call or book a time on line.


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