These last few weeks have been a roller coaster of emotions, well the last 18 months actually, and to be honest, even though we are out of our 7-day lock down here in Adelaide, I still feel like we are not home and free yet and with that comes a kind of constant low dose sense of anxiety.

I’m sure most of us feel, to some level, the same. Questions like: what if we have to close our businesses again, what if I have to home school the kids again AND try to work, what if I can’t go and see my loved ones??? are never too far away at the moment.

Watching the other States makes me feel grateful, sad and anxious all at the same time. Grateful that our life has returned to a somewhat Covid normal, sad that my friends interstate are living such a difficult journey and anxious that at any moment we will follow them down the same path.

So being a problem-solving person I reached out to Kirrilly, our wonderful Counsellor, during our recent lock down to see if she had some strategies to help, not only me but all of us, keep that sense of anxiousness under control. And of course she did!

Kirrilly has kindly put together 3 practical strategies to help us deal with the physical and emotional stress of our new normal and I am really grateful for it.

So if you’re feeling like me, a little anxious, watch the video (I’m definitely a body scan kind of gal) and if you think you might need some extra help then please reach out!

Send us an email, give the clinic a call, book a time with Kirrilly. These are unusual times and we need to help ourselves traverse them in every way we can.

Remember everyone – Stay Healthy.

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