Im Tired!  Yep, Really Tired!

Yet again I spent another Sunday night falling asleep on the couch having my husband waking me with the words go to bed”.  

If Im honest, its not limited to just Sunday nights … its most nights that I hear that sentence and you know what, Im tired of being tired!

Im tired of not being able to finish a movie with my family or have the energy to accept those invites to celebrate life with my friends.  Im tired of being tired!

Just like everyone, the last 18 months has been tough.  Covid has infiltrated all our lives making it impossible, at times, to move forward but really its time that we did.

So earlier this week I woke up and decided I wasnt going to be tired anymore.  “Good for you”, I hear you cheering, but how do you go from feeling that exhausted to the energiser bunny with a statement?  Well obviously you don’t

To change how I’m feeling, and like most of us I want to change, I need to make some changes in my day SO Im starting with the basics!

How many times have you been told when you’re stressed or anxious to just breathe” or take a breath and it will be fine?  Well Im here to tell you that those words are, in fact, great advice.

We take breathing for granted but it is so much more than a life sustaining function it impacts significantly on the quality of the life we have. 

Lately Ive been like the rest of you with my shoulders up around my ears from the tension in my day and breathing like Ive just completed a short (lets face it, it would be short ) marathon.  So to increase my energy Im going back to basics on my breathing and you can too!

After realising that breathing was impacting on my energy I realised it’s probably impacting on yours to, so Ive put together a short video (just over 3 minutes actually) to show you how to breathe better and put more energy into your day!

I know these simple exercises have already started to make a huge difference in my day and I hope it will for you too. 

So heres to more energy, more fun and better health!



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  • JRT Posted 15 June, 2021 1:21 pm

    Very helpful Lorraine and easy to do – much appreciated

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