After spending just a few days working at home, our team quickly realised how much time you spend at the computer when you’re not working in the office.

No distractions, no staffroom meetings, no real reasons to get up from the desk.  In fact, we were actually spending more time at our computers because all of our contact with each other was happening via our screens!

It has definitely made us realise how much tension and stress we all carry in our neck and shoulders and, being the problem-solving team that we are, we instantly nominated Liv to make a video on 3 simple exercises to do at your desk to reduce that tension.

And of course she did!

Best of all, they can be done at your desk, you don’t need any equipment and they take only a couple of minutes to do!  Win, Win, Win!

We’re recommending, to ensure you break up your day, that you set a timer on your watch, phone or use an egg timer to remind you to get up and move and of course do these stretches.  Your body will thank you for it!

And remember, even when our new normal returns and we’re back in the office again, you can continue to do these exercises to improve your posture, reduce your tension and increase your energy.


Wishing you Happiness Through Health

Lorraine and Liv

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