4 Reasons Why Kids Present to Their Local Physiotherapist

We often believe that kids are more resilient than adults, that they will bounce back after an injury, physically develop without input, gradually build strength as they grow into their bodies; however, what we don’t realise is that because they are still growing and developing, they have needs and these needs are more unique.

Growth in children places varying stress on their bodies throughout their childhood, which is why we think it is important to discuss the reasons as to why kids present to a Physiotherapist. 

4 Reasons Why Kids Visit Their Local PhysiotherapistSporting Injuries

The most obvious reason of course, is reoccurring or acute sporting injuries.

After injury, Physiotherapists work to reduce pain, improve biomechanics, and help kids return to normal daily activities or sport. Physiotherapists provide treatment and exercise for rehabilitation, to help develop fine and gross motor skills, help repair damaged tissue, improve range of motion, restore strength, and prepare the body to return to the demands of sport, preventing them for future injuries. 

4 Reasons Why Kids Present to Their Local PhysiotherapistDevelopmental Delays

Did you know that Physiotherapists can also help with developmental delays in kids? 

Physiotherapists are trained to assess movement and physical development.  They can provide suggestions to enhance movement, helping your child to reach the highest level of independence.  This is not just for babies learning to roll or sit, or toddlers learning to walk and jump, but for children of all ages learning to balance, develop coordination, run more efficiently, cope with higher impact activities or even improving agility.

4 Reasons Why Kids Present to Their Local PhysiotherapistPosture

Physiotherapy can also help to improve kid’s posture. 

Poor posture is not just limited to adults but is becoming more and more a problem in kids, particularly due to changes in our daily activities over recent years. Increased use of technology, heavy school bags and rapid growth spurts are only some of the factors contributing to poor posture in kids. 

Poor posture can lead to various negative effects, including pain, reduced concentration, fatigue, headaches and muscle imbalances. 

Physiotherapists can provide education, which is far more effective with the child than mum repetitively telling then to “sit up straight”, as well as providing exercises to help strengthen muscles that make it easier to maintain a good posture. 

4 Reasons Why Kids Present to Their Local PhysiotherapistWell-Being

As a result of all the above support of physical abilities in children, Physiotherapy can in turn help to improve kid’s health and well-being.  They can help to improve their confidence resulting in enhancing inclusion and level of participation in activity, helps kid’s to achieve goals set by the child, parents and physiotherapist and continue to provide support and guidance with the rapid changing needs of the developing and growing child. 

So… you can certainly see there are times in the life of a child when a Physiotherapist is important.  Movement happens all day every day, so it is crucial to ensure your child is moving and engaging in activity without limitations. 

If your child needs some support whether it is due to an injury, developmental challenge, poor posture or general health and wellbeing, our door is always open, and as your local Physiotherapist, I would love to help your child.


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