4 Tips for Surviving Mad March

The festival season is upon us and along with school going back and the rush to make the most of the long warm summer days, it’s no wonder this time of year has been called Mad March. So if you’re diary is looking chock-full of work, kids activities, socialising and all those cabaret and comedy shows, here’s our top tips for staying sane. 

4 Tips for Surviving Mad March1. Make a Family Diary

It might seem obvious but putting together a spread sheet with each family member’s schedule and sticking it up somewhere everyone can see can really streamline your daily routine. With one quick look, everyone can see what they’ve got on each day, plus being aware of your kids’ schedule will mean you can help them remember that cricket bag/trombone/PE kit.

2. Be Flexible 

It might seem like a contradiction when you’re trying to keep a busy family organised but as we all know, the best laid plans can go south fast, and getting frustrated when something doesn’t go to plan can make a stressful time worse. Keeping a few gaps in everyone’s schedule will mean if things overrun, meetings get moved or those last minute tickets for that Fringe show come up, you can make it happen without having to move heaven and earth.

4 Tips for Surviving Mad March3. Ask for Help

Many of us feel we have to be superhuman and get it all done ourselves but sometimes the smarter option is to ask for a little help. If your schedule’s looking impossible, ask a school parent for help with after school activities, a family member to help with the school run or share those early morning cricket duties with your partner.

4 Tips for Surviving Mad March4. Give Yourself a Break 

Making sure you have some time to rest and replenish is just as important as being organised. Don’t feel guilty about saying no to going out for the fifth night in a row, or having an alcohol free night or that sleep in on Sunday morning. The only way you’ll get through this busy time is if you have enough energy and rest is integral.



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