5 Fun Activity Ideas for a Healthier Valentine’s Day!

Valentines’ day has come to an end 😏 but why should we spend just one day of the year treating those we love. Now is the perfect time to start doing fun activities with family, friends, and significant others, but the question always is – what is there to do? 

Forget snuggling up to the cuddly teddy bear, forget indulging in the chocolates, forget the expensive date nights that end in food comas and get out there and share an enjoyable experience that breaks you away from the ‘cliché’ Valentine’s Day traditions.   

So… what is there to do? Don’t worry, I’ve got your back… here are my top 5 fun activity ideas and website links provided so you don’t even have to lift a finger! 

5 Fun Activity Ideas for a Healthier Valentine’s Day!1. Take a Hike

What about going for a hike looking at scenic views? Take a picnic basket, get some fresh air and spend quality time with the ones you love. 

Check out my previous blog for my favorite hiking trails right at our doorstep here in Adelaide. 

Not only is hiking a fun activity, but it has a number of health benefits… including improved aerobic fitness and better bone health. 

5 Fun Activity Ideas for a Healthier Valentine’s Day!2. Paddle Boarding 

Grab a significant other, or even better, get a group of friends together and learn to Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP). You can take lessons, or just hire a board and explore on your own. 

Did you know there is such thing as SUP Yoga 😲!! Yep!!!  Visit https://standuppaddlesa.com.au to find out more. 

Spending time outdoors is known to boost your mood and energy levels… however, be sure to pack the sunscreen! 

5 Fun Activity Ideas for a Healthier Valentine’s Day!3. Take a swing at Golf or Tennis

Maybe you and your other half are already pros, or maybe this is completely new to the both of you… either way, taking a golf or tennis lesson is a great way to do something fun and active. 

Both these activities are a fantastic form of exercise as it boosts your heart rate and involves the whole body! 

Visit https://northadelaidegolf.com.au/ to find out more about playing golf here in Adelaide OR  Visit https://www.helenricetennis.com.au/ for fun group or individual tennis lessons! 

5 Fun Activity Ideas for a Healthier Valentine’s Day!4. Go Ice Skating 

Ice skating is such a fun activity, especially in summer when it is hot outside! Have fun laughing with (or at) your friends and family as they slide around on the ice. 

Ice skating is low impact… well that’s if you avoid the big jumps, leaps and turns 😆.  Visit https://theicearena.com.au/ and book your skating experience. 

5 Fun Activity Ideas for a Healthier Valentine’s Day!5. Indoor Rock Climbing 

Rock climbing is a great trust test for your other half…. Do you trust them belaying the ropes while your meters high off the ground?

And just like the previous ideas, this is another great way to improve your cardiovascular fitness as well as strength, while also requiring teamwork. 

Visit https://www.beyondbouldering.com.au/ for indoor rock climbing for all levels of experience. 

So there you have it, my 5 fun filled activities for you to do with your significant other or a group of friends.  Which ones are you up for?

And if you’d like to do one or all of these but feel you can’t because of aches and pains then please reach out, call the clinic and make an appointment because my passion is to have you passionate about living your best fun filled life!

Liv x

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