5 Tips to Navigate Healthy Eating at Food Trucks

Now that Mad March (or at least, our COVID-safe version of it!) is here, eating out tends to be a more frequent habit for many.  Oftentimes, that also means that we feel a little less on-track with our eating habits.

Food truck and festival foods are notoriously flavourful, fried or fatty and consist of more of those ‘sometimes’ foods that are consumed at, well, events like these.  If you’re hoping to stick to healthier foods during this time, it certainly isn’t impossible! Below are 5 tips to take with you next time you’re in the line for some food truck eats…

  1. Make the Most of What’s on Offer
    Rather than settling for what’s right near you, scout around the event for other food trucks and read their menus so that you have more options. You’re more likely to find a healthier choice (and something you’ll like) that way.
    Top Tips for Healthy Eating at Food Trucks
  2. Look for the Veggie-Rich Options 
    Food trucks are a great opportunity to try vegetables cooked in new or interesting ways, and you can’t go wrong with getting more veggies in throughout the day. You might even find some inspiration to try a new way of eating them at home.
    Top Tips for Healthy Eating at Food Trucks
  3. Ask about Modifying Meals 
    most vendors will be happy to make some changes to your meal if you ask. Depending on the dish, some ideas are to go without sauce/dressing (or get it on the side), add extra salad, switch a fried ingredient for a baked one, or halve the cheese.
  4. Pay Attention to Portion Sizes and Appetite 
    Have a look at what the other customers are getting for an idea of serving sizes (or ask the vendor). Food trucks tend to serve large amounts, so why would we leave it up to the food server to decide how much we need to eat? It can be helpful to listen to your appetite and ask yourself how much food you really feel like eating.
    Top Tips for Healthy Eating at Food Trucks
  5. Reduce the Serving if Needed
    If you decide all of that food is a bit much for you, ask if you can have an entree-sized serve, or if you’re with others who are interested in similar foods, see if they’d like to share one or a few options!
    Top Tips for Healthy Eating at Food Trucks

And lastly, enjoy the fun in eating out, don’t put too much pressure on yourself to eat healthy ALL the time and acknowledge & accept that it’s perfectly okay to indulge here and there!


Bear in mind that this advice does not replace individual dietary recommendations. To get more individualised help, you can book an appointment with our dietitian, Deeni, by calling the clinic or using our online booking facilities.

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