5 Ways to Cope and Offer Support This Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day gives us the chance to celebrate the wonderful women in our lives and show them how much we care.  But for those who have lost their mum, are estranged from their mother or child, whose mum is sick, who’ve lost a child or for those who would like to be a mother but aren’t able to, Mother’s Day can be a source of great pain and sadness.  If you fall into any of these categories, we’d like to help you navigate your way through this difficult time so we’ve put together a few ways you can take care of yourself and your wellbeing this Mother’s Day.

5 Ways to Cope and Offer Support this Mother's DayTake a Break from Social Media

Seeing others celebrating with their families on Mother’s Day can be triggering and feelings of sadness, anger, resentment and jealousy can make getting through even more difficult.  Giving yourself a break from social media for a few days can give you the space to manage your feelings.

5 Ways to Cope and Offer Support this Mother's DayHonour Your Mum

If you feel able to, you could spend the day honouring your Mum.  This can look different for everyone, you could look at photos, cook her favourite meal, write a card or poem, visit her grave/memorial or do something she loved.  Taking the time to connect with your Mum and remembering her presence in your life can feel nurturing and fulfilling and can help us feel more connected to our loved one.  By honouring their spirit, it can help with the healing process, allowing us to feel stronger and lead a more meaningful life.

5 Ways to Cope and Offer Support this Mother's DayAllow Some Self-Compassion

Pushing away or burying our feelings may help us cope in the short term but it can lead to anxiety and depression in the long term.  Acknowledging your feelings and letting yourself know it’s OK to feel how you’re feeling can be incredibly healing.  Make some time in your schedule to give yourself space and some time for self-care before, during and after the day.  If you can, try sitting with your feelings and allowing them to come to the surface.  Practice kind self-talk such as, I am feeling sad right now and that’s OK, it’s normal to feel this way and if I allow myself to feel, it will pass and I will be OK.

5 Ways to Cope and Offer Support this Mother's DayReach Out

You don’t have to do this alone.  Reach out to family and friends who understand what you’re going through.  Share with them how you’re feeling but also allow space to share memories and laughter.  Losing a loved one can remind us the power of connection and helps us recognise and appreciate the wonderful relationships we still have.

5 Ways to Cope and Offer Support this Mother's DaySupport Someone You Care About

If you know someone who has lost their mum or anyone who finds Mother’s Day difficult, don’t be afraid to reach out.  It might feel uncomfortable but most people will be grateful you’ve thought of them.  If you’re unsure how best to approach it, it can be as simple as asking them how they are going.  Just remember to be gentle in your approach and to acknowledge where the person is at.  They may feel ready to talk or they may not and that’s OK.  The fact that you’ve reached out shows you care and are there to support them.



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