Fun Activities That Will Keep the Kids off Technology these School Holidays!

These school holidays we wanted to give you some fun activity ideas to keep the kids entertained, get active and get off technology! We have chosen some of our favourite activities that we do with our families, in hope to give you some useful ideas. 

Themed Staycation

This is by far my favourite thing to do!  Especially since COVID hit and it is too risky or expensive to travel anywhere, let the travel come to you in the comfort of your home.  All you need to do is pick a country you want to go to and set that country as the theme of your day or night.  You can cook food, make craft activities, play music, or even watch a movie all inspired by the theme of your choice! 

Fun Activities to keep the Kids off Technology these School Holidays!Go Strawberry Picking

It is still Strawberry season, but not for much longer!  November to the end of April is prime time to go strawberry picking.  This is a great activity for the whole family where everyone can get involved.  Not only is this a great outdoor activity but you can enjoy a day out with the family eating delicious freshly picked fruit.  Beerenberg in the Adelaide Hills is my go-to strawberry picking location and their strawberries are so yum! 

Games Day

This makes me think of my own childhood.  I would love to play all different types of games with my family. 

For this one, as a family pick a few games that you all enjoy.  These can be board games, sports races, challenges, anything you can think of or have on hand.  Set up a tournament together working your way through each game at a time. Trust me… this will keep everyone entertained for hours!  You can set up tally to keep score, or you can even work together as a team to ensure everyone stays happy.  My favourite was the good old 3-legged race as well as the egg and spoon race!

Build a Fort on the Trampoline & Star Gaze 

I saw my cousins do this the other day and oh my was I jealous!  However, you might want to do this one before the weather gets too cold.  If you have one of those trampolines with the netting around it, hang blankets around the walls to make it even more enclosed.  Fill the trampoline up with pillows, bean bags, cushions, blankets, and quilts to make it nice, warm, and cozy.  Set the kids up a while to look at the stars seeing if they can spot any shapes or objects the stars are forming.   If you want to be extra prepared and make it somewhat educational, you can print off images of the constellation to see if they can spot the shapes. 

Create A Box of Activities 

Not only is this a great craft activity but sets you up for fun activities so you never run out of ideas!  I love this one as it is something the whole family can enjoy together.  Create a box filled with fun activities you can do as a family or the kids can do together with their friends.  Write down on little pieces of paper activity ideas each of you would like to do these school holidays.  Break it up into Home Activities, Going out Activities, Day Activities and Surprise Activities!  These can be ANYTHING you want!  Craft activities, nature walks, treasure hunts, having a picnic, building a fort, baking… literally anything you can think of!

I hope you and the family can find something you all enjoy where the kids are entertained and off technology!  Together, lets help the kids get creative with their play and entertain themselves in fun and active ways. 


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