Well 2021 is continuing to be interesting for me!  How about for you? 🤔.

Covid is continuing to challenge us in so many ways and wanting to be helpful during our frequent lockdowns where I can’t do what I love to do (very hard to be a chiropractor when you and your patients are stuck at home 😆) the team and I decided loading you with good, sound advice on how to improve your immune system and cope with the stresses of lockdowns was the best way to go.

After an almost University level of learning on the run on how to create and record zoom meetings (remember our team can’t get together either 😫) I am proud to say that I can finally bring you the chat I had with Deeni, our resident dietitian, and it’s loaded with fantastic advice including lots about foods to support your immunity!  👏🏼

I had no idea that a kiwi fruit 🥝 was a much greater source of vitamin C than oranges 🍊 and that you can get all your daily selenium from a single Brazil nut!  Did you?

If you want to know which fruits and vegetables are a great source of anti-oxidants and should be in your weekly diet to improve your gut and immune health then take the time to watch. You will be surprised at how much you didn’t know! I know I was! 😀

In the meantime ….

Stay Healthy Everyone
Lorraine 😊💚

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