Keeping Up Healthy Habits Through Mad March and Beyond

March, what a crazy time of the year!

Many of us are busy juggling work, family and the rest of our lives amongst South Australia’s Fringe events all whilst doing our best to maintain our health and general wellbeing.  It’s fair to say that I think most of us find it tricky sometimes managing everything and find there is never enough hours in the day. 

For me, it’s at this time of the year I start to struggle with time management resulting in me leaving out those tasks that seem non-essential or of lesser importance.  If I’m being honest, physical activity as well as my general health tends to fall into that category, and I start to adopt more unwanted habits and get rid of the healthy ones I previously had in place.  

So I have decided to re-evaluate and adopt some new healthy habits to help me do it all! 

Have you ever thought you’re too busy to exercise, too tired or just want those extra few minutes in bed?  Think Again!  Let’s get through this crazy time together and keep our health and fitness where it should be! 

Here are some of the Habits I hope to continue to stick to set me up for success!

Healthy Habits Through Mad MarchSet Goals!

“If you don’t know where you are going, how will you ever get there?”

It can be easy to loose track of direction if you don’t set yourself a clear end goal.  Whether you want to loose weight, increase strength, move your body more each day, change your eating habits or even manage your stress, deciding upon goals are crucial to set yourself up for success. 

Write your goals down, whatever they may be.  Have some which you can reach with moderate effort and some which you can strive harder for. 

Follow the SMART Goals principle, meaning your goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, relative, and timely. 

My Goal for this month is to be able to run 5km without stopping! 

Healthy Habits Through Mad MarchSchedule your Workouts into your Schedule! 

Why do we go to the doctors?  Ultimately, we go to make sure we are healthy! 

Exercise and moving our bodies contribute significantly to one’s health… so why do we cancel our workout classes and leave exercise on the back burner yet never cancel our doctors appointments?  

Try make an effort to schedule in time to be active, to move your body in one way or the other!  Whether it be a morning stretch, HIIT classes, yoga or training for the next marathon, make it a priority! 

If I ever need a little extra motivation or someone to hold me accountable, I make plans to exercise with a friend! 

Healthy Habits Through Mad MarchSTOP with the excuses! 

I am the first one to admit that I try to come up with almost every excuse under the sun to get out of working out, but it’s time, no more excuses! 

“I can’t be bothered” – Push through, exercise helps to increase productivity, improve clarity and attention.  You will feel much better after it is done! 

“My body hurts” – Physical activity causes your body to release Endorphins.  Endorphins interact with receptors in the brain and helps to reduce your perception of pain.  Endorphins also trigger a positive experience. 

“I have no time” – Wake up 30 minutes earlier.  Did you know, physically active people require less sleep as well as improves the quality of the sleep you do have? 

Hopefully, we both have no excuses now! 

Healthy Habits Through Mad MarchCheck in Weekly!

Set aside 5-10 minutes of your time to reflect on your week.  This can be while you’re hanging out the washing, having a shower, cooking dinner, or maybe you can take this time away from other jobs and sit down, relax and have some time to yourself.

Ask yourself, what did you change this week?  What did you enjoy?  What did you struggle with?  Did you achieve any goals?  What do you want to keep the same for next week and what do you hope to improve on? 

For me, this has been the most beneficial strategy.  I love to reflect and set myself up for the next week with an idea of what I want to achieve.  This is my form of self-improvement and development and is also my “down” time at the end of each week. 

If you need any help with sports and activity preparation, improved performance or help with muscle or joint soreness following activity, I’d be honored to help.  Together let’s get rid of our excuses and cement our healthy habits.


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