One is the Loneliest Number ….

Dating and romance can be challenging at the best of times. Add in a pandemic and the difficulty rating skyrockets. With so much to occupy our thoughts right now, I’m sure many of you haven’t given a thought to Valentine’s Day and how you might celebrate. But maybe this year is the year to make the time to show those you love how special they are. Maybe we all need Valentine’s Day more than ever before. 

As February 14 approaches, those who are coupled up would usually plan a meal out for their other half, others would commiserate their singleness with a night out with friends but thanks to isolations, restrictions and travel bans, our options are limited. So how can we show those we love how much we care about them? 

One is the Loneliest NumberIf you’re single…

Not having access to our social support systems can increase feelings of loneliness, especially if you’re single and or living alone. So if you’re feeling extra lonely right now, try shifting your focus from pursuing romantic intentions towards celebrating the loving relationships that are already in your life by:

  • Small acts of kindness – reach out to someone you think might need it and think about doing something they would really appreciate. 
  • Recognise the love you already have – take some time to think about the loving relationships you already have in your life, even if they are not romantic.
  • Plan a video chat with someone who makes you smile – spend your Valentine’s Day catching up with a glass of your favourite tipple and some nibbles. 

One is the Loneliest NumberIf you’re in a couple…

Feeling overwhelmed and stressed can take its toll on our mental health and keep romantic thoughts at a distance. So if planning a big romantic gesture for your loved one just seems like too much effort right now, why not:

  • Take the pressure off – if planning something is becoming too stressful, think of small everyday things you can do to show you care, giving out hugs, making a tea or coffee or offering to do their share of chores can mean a lot, especially when we’re stressed.
  • Walk & talk – when restrictions and lockdowns make romantic dinners and getaways difficult, going for a walk together gives you the chance to have a meaningful conversation which can boost our mood. Reminiscing about when you first met, how you got together and what attracted you to each other can help you reconnect and act as a reminder to cherish the shared experiences and love you have. 

If you’re feeling lonely or isolated right now, I’m taking new bookings.  You can book face to face, zoom or phone consultations by calling 84319100. 


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