This is a question that we get asked often in practice and in todays video from Liv, she talks about when is the right time to use cortisone and when you should keep away.

The first point to consider about cortisone injections is that they\ can be fabulous at providing relief and improving movement however they don’t fix the underlying problem.   Think of the injection a little like turning the smoke alarm off.  This can be useful but if you had a fire in your house and the fire department came around and turned off the smoke alarm but didn’t put out the fire you’d be pretty annoyed.

Frequently in clinic we see too many patients and practitioners being overly focused on cortisone injections.  They can be useful in older patients, when there’s arthritis or damage to the joints and muscles but it should be used in combination with good manual care to help restore the shoulder back to its best possible function.

In short, there’s definitely a place for cortisone but for most patients it shouldn’t be the first thing you do…or even something that you do at all.

The focus of your practitioner should be to identify the real cause of your shoulder pain and then to give you directions, care and support to help you correct the issue.

Sadly we see too many patients every week who have needlessly suffered with shoulder pain for years instead of doing something about it!

Having helped loads of people with shoulder pain, we’d love to help you too.  You can schedule an appointment with either our physiotherapist or Chiropractor by calling the office on 84319100.

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