There’s 1 big mistake that we see patients in our clinic making who suffer from shoulder that prevents them from getting pain free.

In this video Liv, our resident physiotherapist, shares what that mistake is and how to correct it, so you can start to get some much needed relief from shoulder pain.

So what is it?

Well the mistake that too many patients and practitioners are making with shoulder pain is an over emphasis on the muscles of the rotator cuff. When we hear the diagnosis of rotator cuff tendinitis or tendinosis, the most common treatments are either soft tissue, massage, dry needling or in severe cases cortisone injections and surgery.

What’s being missed is that almost ALL rotator cuff injuries are secondary to another postural problem that unless corrected sets you up for chronic shoulder problems.

This posture problem is internal rotation of the shoulder or “forward, rounded and hunched shoulders”.  This postural problem is incredibly common nowadays because the increase in desk work, sitting and use of mobile phones. (Show images).

The good news is that this postural problem can be corrected and when it is, shoulder problems often dramatically reduce or disappear.


There’s 3 keys to correcting this postural problem.


The first is stretching the muscles at the front of the chest.

And the second is strengthening the muscles of the upper back.

And the third is freeing up the restrictions in the upper back and lower neck which is best done by a qualified physio or chiropractor.

In future videos Liv will  address how to stretch the muscles of the chest and strengthening the muscles of the back.

Sadly we see too many patients every week who have needlessly suffered with shoulder pain for years instead of doing something about it!

Over the past 20 years we’ve helped thousands of people  with shoulder pain and we’d love to help you too.  You can schedule an apt by calling the office on 84319100.


Until next time, stay well.  See you soon.

Liv and Lorraine

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