I’m not a gym person, no surprise there, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t tried and every time I go the chiropractor in me comes out as I watch all those enthusiastic people working as hard as they can yet wasting all that wonderful energy and enthusiasm by doing so many exercises poorly, especially the crunch.

So I decided, with the help of my wonderful physio, Liv, to make a video on how to do them properly.  Oh and don’t get freaked out by the circle lights in my eyes – it was my first video, who knew those round lights reflected in people’s glasses 🤣.

Both Liv and I frequently have patients presenting to us with neck pain, often induced from poor form during exercising, in particularly when doing the crunch.

Flicking themselves up, thrusting their chin forward and loading their neck and shoulders. Resulting in neck pain, headaches and very little benefit to their core strength.  It does make me wonder why they bother when their results often just lead to pain?

Well I’m happy to say this won’t be your results!

By following the simple technique tips we’ve put together here, you will be the Crunch Guru and envy of all your fellow gym buddies.

And if you’re like me and don’t head to the gym but crunch away in the privacy of your own home then this video is gold for you too!

So don’t wait, follow the link and enjoy the video (even with the weird circle lights 🤣) and if you have any questions please reach out.  We are always here to help.


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