Why Eat Seasonally?

‘Seasonal Eating’ is the concept of choosing your produce according to what’s in season at the time. Over the past decade this concept has become somewhat of a trend, but it was once the only way of eating for humans before long-distance travel became so accessible. 

Why is seasonal eating so great? Below are four of the biggest benefits of seasonal eating that just might sway you over too.


In-season produce is usually in abundant supply in stores. Also, being locally grown means it’s travelled less distance to get to stores which means there are less travel costs involved. Therefore, supermarkets can sell the produce cheaply.


Eating seasonally helps us to increase the variety of nutrients in our diets over the span of a year, and therefore increase our intake of the wide array of beneficial nutrients that fruits and veggies can provide us with.

Produce contains the most nutrients when it’s at it’s peak level of ripeness. After it’s picked, it’s sent straight to market rather than being stored like it might be outside of peak season. Because the produce is local and travels less distance, there’s also less time from farm to plate. Less time in travel and storage means a higher nutritional content, and more benefits for our bodies!


Over time, most produce loses flavour. Optimal environmental conditions and freshness mean that seasonal produce is usually tastiest.

Supporting the environment and local growers

Buying seasonal produce means we’re supporting Australian farmers and reducing our ‘food miles’ (the distance our food has travelled from farm to plate), which means less air pollution and a happier planet.

Are you keen on reaping the benefits of seasonal eating, and want to learn how to incorporate more seasonal foods to help reach your personal health goals? Consider booking in a time with me so that we can delve into it all in detail.


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